Resting ECG Digital Solutions

Resting ECG digital solutions are a new concept of electrocardiographs characterized by compactness, intuitive design and ease of use.

Cardioline’s solutions are compatible with Windows and Andoid or offered as independent workstations with trolleys. Each package has a niche workplace environment: hospitals and clinics, medical specialists, emergency and home care.

Native integration to Cardioline’s ECGWebApp platform, the ECG management system for editing and storage, totally based on web technology.

touchECG System - Android configuration

Next generation PC-ECG application, designed for Android tablets and smartphones.

Allows simultaneous view of 12 lead, high quality signals on screen, and rhythm strip of continuous acquisition (up to 30 minutes), with zoom capability.

touchECG System - Windows configuration

Next generation PC ECG application, designed for Windows touch screen tablets and laptops.

Allows simultaneous view of 12 or 15 lead high quality signals on screen, and rhythm strip of continuous acquisition (up to 30 minutes).

touchECG System - Digital configuration

touchECG System, DIGITAL configuration is a 12 or 15 lead (12/15 + 3 Frank) ECG system consisting of touchECG software, HD + wireless acquisition unit and all-in-one touch-screen computer. Its dedicated trolley has braking wheels and is equipped with a support surface for wireless mouse and keyboard and a storage compartment.

touchECG System - DIGITAL PREMIUM configuration

Workstation with 12/15 leads electrocardiograph (+ 3 Frank), highly ergonomic, the top of performance for an ideal use in High Acuity Hospitals Departments.